Level 3: High Beginner English A


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Program Overview:
This course is part of a program designed to increase the participantís proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing English. Each level contains a series of 32-hour courses which can be taken in any order as each course covers new vocabulary and grammar. All courses within a level must be completed before moving up to the next level.

ACTFL Language Level Description:
Speakers at this level are able to successfully manage a number of uncomplicated communicative tasks in straightforward social situations. Conversation is restricted to a few of the predictable topics necessary for survival in the target language culture, such as basic personal information, basic objects and a limited number of activities, preferences, and immediate needs. These speakers can respond to simple, direct questions or requests for information; they are able to ask only a very few formulaic questions when asked to do so and produce mostly short, incomplete sentences. Speakers at this level are able to handle a variety of tasks pertaining to the Intermediate level, but are unable to sustain performance at that level.

Course Description:
Level 3: High Beginner English is comprised of three courses. This course covers Units 9-10 and is designed to introduce basic classroom communication to students who are able to process simple communicative tasks on familiar topics only. Students improve functional language by extending and declining a casual invitation as well as by identifying foods and creating a recipe from their country of origin. Students also gain exposure to American culture, customs, and sayings as they relate to each of the topics covered.

Student Learning Outcomes:
Formulate written and spoken information questions pertaining to a casual invitation
Differentiate between yes/no questions and information questions; effectively use these questions in oral communication
Distinguish between simple present and present continuous by illustrating daily/weekly/current activities in a planner
Predict and identify syllable stress and intonation common to American English in oral communication
Identify count/ non-count nouns as related to quantities of food
Use prepositions of place (in/on) to locate food items
Identify food and beverage items in the home
Explain the steps orally to create a simple recipe

You must complete an oral evaluation which places you at this level prior to registration.

To Register:
For details or to enroll today, please contact the Client Service Center at 407-582-6688.

Please note that this course has a credit card payment plan option (not to be combined with any discount offers).


  • Oral Evaluation

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