Level 5: Mid Intermediate English A


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Program Overview:
This course is part of a program designed to increase the participant’s proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing English. Each level contains a series of 32-hour courses which can be taken in any order as each course covers new vocabulary and grammar. All courses within a level must be completed before moving up to the next level.

ACTFL Language Level Description:
Speakers at this level are able to successfully handle a variety of uncomplicated communicative tasks in straightforward social situations.  Conversation is generally limited to those predictable and concrete exchanges necessary for survival in the target culture; these include personal information covering self, family, home, and daily activities, interests and personal preferences. These speakers tend to function reactively by responding to direct questions or requests for information. They are able to express meaning by creating with the language and they typically produce sentence-length utterances but can combine some strings of sentences. At this level, speakers show the starting ability of self-correction.

Course Description:
Level 5: Mid Intermediate English is comprised of three courses. This course covers Units 1-3 and is designed to introduce intermediate-level classroom communication to students who can handle a variety of simple communicative tasks including response to direct questions, sentence-length speech, and nascent self-correction. Students develop skills at reacquainting themselves with someone, apologizing, making an excuse, expressing agreement and disagreement, and requesting information. Students also learn about American culture, customs, and sayings as they apply to each of the topics covered.

Student Learning Outcomes:
Greet a visitor to your country and describe activities they can do
Use present perfect to ask about a person’s travel experiences
Reacquaint yourself with someone by using appropriate greetings
Define small talk by identifying appropriate topics
Apologize and make an excuse for being late
Understand and use reduction of /h/
Identify and describe different movie genres in written and spoken forms
Differentiate between “for” and “since” in past tense in written and spoken forms
Ask about and describe hotel amenities
Devise a written message for someone staying in a hotel
Write about future plans using “will”

You must complete an oral evaluation which places you at this level prior to registration.

To Register:
For details or to enroll today, please contact the Client Service Center at 407-582-6688.

Please note that this course has a credit card payment plan option (not to be combined with any discount offers).


  • Oral Evaluation

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