Level 6: High Intermediate English C


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Program Overview:
This course is part of a program designed to increase the participantís proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing English. Each level contains a series of 32-hour courses which can be taken in any order as each course covers new vocabulary and grammar. All courses within a level must be completed before moving up to the next level.

ACTFL Language Level Description:
Speakers at this level are able to converse with ease and confidence when dealing with most routine tasks and social situations of the Intermediate level. They are able to successfully handle many uncomplicated tasks and social situations requiring an exchange of basic information related to work, school, recreation, particular interests and areas of competence, though hesitation and errors may be evident. With some consistency, these speakers narrate and describe in major timeframes using connected discourse of paragraph length, but breakdown occurs when topics become less familiar. At this level speakers are unable to sustain a Low Advanced rate of speech for at least 50 percent of the time but are able to self-correct.

Course Description:
Level 6: High Intermediate English is comprised of three courses. This course covers Units 7-9 and offers a more advanced focus on classroom communication for students who are able to easily converse on familiar topics as well as self-correct. Students improve functional language by sharing information about holidays and traditions, by analyzing the impact of inventions and discoveries, as well as by identifying controversial and polarizing issues, devising diplomatic responses, and utilizing political terminology. Students also gain exposure to American culture, customs, and sayings as they relate to each of the topics covered.

Student Learning Outcomes:
Identify holiday traditions and use relative pronouns to define each
Develop a short paragraph about wedding traditions in your country
Use conditional to discuss new and upcoming inventions / technologies and their possible impact
Analyze product advertisements and state if you would purchase the product(s)
Identify politically controversial issues and determine if itís appropriate to ask someoneís opinion
Propose solutions to global problems in a debate forum
Select a divisive topic and defend your position with diplomacy
Examine a controversial issue and devise for and against arguments in written and spoken forms

You must complete an oral evaluation which places you at this level prior to registration.

To Register:
For details or to enroll today, please contact the Client Service Center at 407-582-6688.

Please note that this course has a credit card payment plan option (not to be combined with any discount offers).


  • Oral Evaluation

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