Level 7: Low Advanced English C


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Program Overview:
This course is part of a program designed to increase the participantís proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing English. Each level contains a series of 32-hour courses which can be taken in any order as each course covers new vocabulary and grammar. All courses within a level must be completed before moving up to the next level.

ACTFL Language Level Description:
Speakers at this level are able to handle a variety of communicative tasks, although somewhat haltingly at times. They participate actively in most informal and a limited number of formal conversations on activities related to school, home, and leisure activities and, to a lesser degree, those related to events of work, current, public, and personal interest. These speakers demonstrate the ability to narrate and describe in major timeframes (past, present, and future) in paragraph length discourse, but may have difficulty only with more complex sentence structures. At this level, these speakers employ communicative strategies such as rephrasing and circumlocution. That being said, their discourse may be strained and minimal for the level, and the linguistic quality/quantity of speech will deteriorate quickly when attempting to perform functions or handle topics at the Superior level.
Course Description:
Level 7: Low Advanced English is comprised of three courses. This course covers Units 7-9 and is designed for practice with increasingly sophisticated communicative language structures to students who possess the ability to manipulate language through rephrasing, circumlocution, and self-correction in most social and professional situations. Students develop skills at evaluating the quality and impact of advertisements, analyzing how values differ across cultures, identifying global generational/familial trends, and challenging the validity of news events and personal stories. Students also learn about American culture, customs, and sayings as they apply to each of the topics covered.
Student Learning Outcomes:
Discuss consumer shopping trends using descriptive adjectives.
Discuss cultural differences in family values.
Describe care for the elderly.
Prepare a family tree and present to the class.
Present a theory about a past event.
Discuss how believable a story is.
Discuss events from other countries and cultures.

You must complete an oral evaluation which places you at this level prior to registration.

To Register:
For details or to enroll today, please contact the Client Service Center at 407-582-6688. This course has a credit card payment plan option (not to be combined with any discount offers). Call now for more information.


  • Oral Evaluation

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