Vehicle Machinery Rescue: Technician


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Vehicle and Machinery Rescue (VMR): Technician is a course designed to give the student real world heavy rescue scenarios. The course strictly adheres to NFPA 1670 and 1006 and continues on from the Academy’s VMR: Operations course.

Students work with heavy lift bags, high, medium and low pressure bags, plasma torches, oxy-acetylene torches, and exothermic torches. They learn how to estimate the weight of a vehicle as well as the features of different materials used in the construction of vehicles and machinery.

Students also learn how to save equipment and lives by utilizing “lock out/tag out” systems and effective techniques for dismantling machinery; and how to safely disentangle victims of machinery accidents.

The practical application of VMR rescue skills and effective use of equipment to safely extricate victims from the most complex situations will become the norm for these students.

Prerequisite: Attendees must have completed NFPA 1670- Vehicle Machinery Rescue Operations Course or an approved equivalent.

Students are required to provide their own personal protective equipment, including bunker gear, Nomex hood, gloves, eye protection, and steel-toed boots

Course Sections

Course: CFT 7009-00
Term: 1819
Section Number: 1
Schedule Number: 21769
Instructor(s): Staff
Location: Fire Rescue Institute (FRI)
Dates: Oct. 15 - 19, 2018 (Mon. - Fri., 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.)
Units: 4.0 CEUs
Contact Hours: 40 Contact Hours
Required Fees
   Course Fee O/E $755.00