Firefighter Survival


Advanced Search


Firefighters can find themselves in all kinds of dangerous situations. The 40-hour Firefighter Survival Course was designed to teach you survival skills needed to cope with these life threatening situations.

Unlike other courses that teach the firefighter to rescue others, this course concentrates on the survival of you, the firefighter. Studies show that increased options to get out equals survival.

Students will be presented with various real-life scenarios which have or could have taken the life of a fellow firefighter. For each scenario they will be given various options for performing a self-controlled escape to a safe environment.

Topics will include: the importance of hand tools, search & rescue, window clearing, securing doorways, utilizing hidden air spaces, case studies, roll over, flashover and backdraft, boot slide, emergency escape rope, survival skills, anchor utilization with emergency escapes, water survival, line retrievals, and speed drills.

Participants must provide their own bunker gear and SCBA.

They must also provide a current physical (within a year), indicating their ability to perform the duties of a firefighter.

Course length: 40 hours

Course Sections

No sections of this course are currently being offered.