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PLC Technician II is a fully accredited, computer-based program covering PLC programming and applications, with targeted training for the Rockwell (Allen-Bradley) Logix 5000 PLC, using the advanced simulator, PLCLogix. The integration of the PLCLogix 5000 simulator provides a comprehensive introduction to the functionality of advanced PLCs based on the Logix 5000 system, emulating its form, function and feel, to provide a comprehensive, “hands-on” training experience in the next generation of PLC control software.
In addition to the basic I/O chassis containing switches, sliders, displays and output indicators PLCLogix 5000 now also provides 10 interactive 3D animations or “3DWorlds” which emulate a wide range of manufacturing and service applications. These 3DWorlds integrate ladder logic programs and allow you to create, run and observe the operation of complex control devices and systems in real-time. They range in complexity from a simple Warehouse Door application, to the advanced functionality required to run a Bottling Line or Four Floor Elevator application.
The program material includes over 250 pre-built PLC lab projects using programming instructions based on the RSLogix 5000 instruction set. Practical examples are presented using HD animations and hundreds of images and illustrations. Learn advanced PLC programming techniques based on practical applications including traffic lights, elevators, conveyors, process control, and robotics.
The program includes the following modules:
1. Overview of PLC's
2. PLC Processors
3. I/O System
4. Programming Terminals and Peripherals
5. Installation and Maintenance of PLCs
6. Tag-Based PLCs
7. Ladder Logic Programming
8. Timers
9. Counters
10. Branch and Loop Control
11. Sequencers
12. Data Handling
13. Math Instructions
14. Process Control
15. PLC Communications
16. Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
17. SCADA Systems
18. Advanced Programming Languages
19. Robotics

Course Cost: $1800

How to Start the Course:
Paid registration is required to begin the program. Registration is on a continuous intake basis and students can begin the program immediately.
Your registration will be processed within 3 business days. Once processed you will be sent a confirmation email containing your login information. If you have any questions please contact us toll-free at 1-866-278-6560 or by email

All students must provide a functional email address at the time of registration. Failure to do so will result in a delay in the registration process. If you do not receive an email response, be sure to check your spam settings as they may have been filtered out as junk email.

Course Sections

Course: CNP 7270-GB
Section Number: 1
Schedule Number: 15094
Instructor(s): eLearning Coordinator
Units: 18.0 CEUs
Contact Hours: 180 Contact Hours
Required Fees
   Online Course Registration $1,800.00