Fire Fighting Tactics and Strategy I


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This course is a study of the basic concepts involved in fire fighting, including the behavior, fire fighting fundamentals and principles of extinguishment; the proper role for a utilization of various fire companies and pre-planning fire problems. This course is required to become eligible to sit for the Florida State Fire Officer certification exam.

Course Sections

Course: FRI 2810-00
Term: 1819
Section Number: 2
Schedule Number: 23126
Instructor(s): Staff
Dates: Jan. 7 - Feb. 27, 2019 (Schedule Online) This is an online course with two optional meets to practice with the Fire Tactics simulator, on 02/12 or 02/13 from 6-10pm at the School of Public Safety Room-144. For username and login information, please contact Dan Diehl 407-582-8230 or Textbook Info - Strategic & Tactical Considerations on the Fireground, 4th Edition By Jim Smith Published Sep 15, 2016 by Pearson. Chapters 1 to 6 are covered. ISBN: 0134442644
Units: Non-Credit
Contact Hours: 64 Contact Hours
Required Fees
   Open Enrollment Registration $150.00