FFP 2510 Fire Codes and Standards


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This course is a study of building and life safety codes in relation to types of occupancies, building design, fire resistance of building materials, fire problems inherent in structures and life safety considerations. A problem solving emphasis is used to provide opportunities for application of building and life safety code enforcement methods to prevent and correct building design problems.

Course Sections

Course: FRI 2510-00
Term: 1718
Section Number: 1
Schedule Number: 20253
Instructor(s): Staff
Dates: Oct. 20 - Dec. 17, 2017. This course meets every Wednesday from 6-9pm at the School of Public Safety Campus: 8600 Valencia College Lane, Orlando, FL 32825, Room 225. For username and login information, please contact Dan Diehl 407-582-8230 or ddiehl5@valenciacollege.edu
Units: Non-Credit
Contact Hours: 48 Contact Hours