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This program offers a broad foundation of knowledge and skills to prepare students for employment in Automation, Engineering Technology & Production positions. This course covers safety (OSHA 10), the basics of mechanical components and electrical drives in a complex mechatronic system. Based upon a physical system, students will learn the basic functions and physical properties of mechanical components as well as electrical drives (AC and DC), and the roles they play within the system. They will also learn about mechanical components which lead and support the energy through a mechanical system to increase efficiency and to reduce wear and tear. Materials, lubrication requirements and surface properties will be examined. Technical documentation such as data sheets and specifications of mechanical elements and electrical drives will also be covered. By understanding the inner-workings of the complete system, students will learn and apply troubleshooting strategies to identify, localize and (where possible) correct malfunctions. Preventive & predictive maintenance of mechanical elements and electrical drives as well as safety issues within the system will be discussed.

Course Sections

Course: CMT 1012-00
Term: 1718
Section Number: 1
Schedule Number: 19792
Instructor(s): Staff
Location: Shady Lane, Adv. Manuf. Train Ctr. Rm 125
Dates: July 17 - Nov. 30, 2017 (Mon. - Fri., 7:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.)
Units: 60.0 CEUs
Contact Hours: 600 Contact Hours
Required Fees
   Open Enrollment Registration $6,731.00