The Principles for How We Treat Each Other: Practices of Respect and Community Building


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Peace and Justice Institute is launching its Legal Education Project with this dynamic and interactive class. This workshop will explore how Legal Professionals can use the Principles for How We Treat Each Other in order to creatively and more effectively navigate conflict and achieve greater levels of professionalism and career satisfaction. As problem-solvers, legal professionals are tasked with working through disputes in a system that is inherently adversarial. Quite often the nature of this system elicits behaviors in those professionals that are not in alignment with the civility, courtesy, dignity, and professionalism The Florida Bar requires of its members. In this increasingly challenging legal landscape, lawyers and paralegals need to learn not only how adhere to those requirements, but also to do so in a way that enhances mental and physical well-being. The goal of this workshop is to support the use of the Principles in practical every-day ways to facilitate these objectives. Participants will candidly explore the realities of law practice, how that reality is often at odds with our original aspirations and ideals, and how to use the Principles to make positive shifts in the practice as a whole.

"Florida Bar CLE Credits: 3 hours Professionalism OR General"

The objectives of this course are to help Legal Professionals:
• Learn solid tools for creative conflict navigation.
• Enhance human relational skills with clients, opposing counsel, and co-workers.
• Practice and reinforce practical understanding of the Rules for Professional Conduct.
• Create meaningful connections with like-minded legal professionals.

Course Sections

No sections of this course are currently being offered.