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Program Overview?
In this short term hybrid training program, experienced construction personnel will study a comprehensive overview of the specialized skill development necessary in construction and human resources to move into a supervisory management position.
How is this program unique?

This six-week program provides a hands-on learning experience through a hybrid of in-class instruction and online coursework.
The Valencia College Supervisor/Foreman training program focuses on bringing cutting edge technology and concepts to the classroom to benefit all levels; from experienced professionals to people who have only been in the supervisory role a short time. From industry certifications to specialized training, our programs are designed to help advance the profession.
Funding assistance may also be available to those who qualify.

Benefits of Effective Supervisor/Foreman Training to your Organization:

Ensures Operational Efficiency –
A good supervisor/foreman training program covers the critical aspects of the career thoroughly. It helps the new supervisor/foreman become familiar with the duties and expectations of the organization so they understand their own role in achieving the goals of the company.

Reduces Employee Turnover –
Employees may feel frustrated and helpless if not adequately trained for the new challenges they will face. Training will ensure they are prepared and feel valued and invested with the organization. In addition, learning management skills will allow for better staffing selection, coaching and training for employee retention.

Saves Time and Money –
Supervisor/Foreman training will be focused coursework on the specific roles and responsibilities needed for the employee to start performing their new duties. If an employee is trained well, they can easily adapt to their new role and start delivering results quickly.

I work. Can I balance working and starting a Supervisor/Foreman program?


Our program is a good fit for students whom have a desire to begin a career as a Supervisor or a Foreman, but need a program that allows some flexibility.

Our hybrid program meets two days a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) over a period of six-weeks. There is also a self-paced online section of the course that runs for 30 Hours online.

Will I receive assistance finding a position after program completion?


Valencia has staff and community partners that will assist you in your job placement after program completion.
We work diligently to create and maintain relationships with the major players in the construction industry.

This Six-week course will cover the following topics:
• Understanding Your New Role in Supervising and Safety
• Quality Control and Related Tasks
• Essential Construction Math
• Blueprints and Specifications
• Techniques for Effective Supervision
• OSHA-30

What is the job outlook for Supervisor/Foreman?
The demand for this type of skilled worker continues to grow with over 9 billion dollars of construction projects already underway in the Central Florida area over the next few years. The future workforce needs are great (1.5 million workers) with great promotion potential. The career opportunities are diverse and the potential to work in a high wage position exists. The average wage for an entry-level Supervisor/Foreman is between $14 to $27 per hour. Promotional opportunities exist in a variety of areas of construction (concrete, heavy equipment, vertical, & highway construction).

Enrollment Requirements:
• Must be currently drug free
• Must be willing to work outside in the Florida weather
• Be able to carry objects of 50 pounds or less routinely
• Industry is background tolerant

Course Details:
Upon completion, participants will have the opportunity to earn the following industry credentials once they have successfully passed the certification exams:

• Supervisor Foreman Training Program
• OSHA-30
• 36 contact hours
• Valencia College Certificate of Completion

Course Sections

No sections of this course are currently being offered.