Verbal Tactics


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Verbal Tactics

This program is designed for security personnel that have the opportunity and obligation to interact with persons in a variety of situations including suspicious activities, providing safety assistance, conducting ‘access control’ activities and other daily communication. Specific modules will discuss the personal dynamics that create conflict as well as legal sources identifying “Use of Force” in security. In addition, specific emphasis will be given to both verbal and non-verbal communication that may invoke confrontation.

Course Sections

Course: CNB 6013-00
Term: 1819
Section Number: 1
Schedule Number: 21823
Instructor(s): Staff
Location: SPS, 8600 Valencia College Ln,Rm224
Dates: Oct. 25, 2018 (Thu., 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.)
Units: 0.4 CEUs
Contact Hours: 4 Contact Hours
Required Fees
   Course Fee O/E $99.00